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Understanding the Text

William Shakespeare is one of the most celebrated playwrights of all time, the most performed playwright of all time. Yet despite the beauty of his text, the words are difficult to understand. In some Shakespeare productions, Meier said some actors convey the Elizabethan lines perfectly, while others are hard to understand. Pauses and inflection help … Continue reading

Tech: Part Five: Costumes

Cynthia Meier, the show’s director, also designed the costumes. *click on an image to enlarge*

The Rehearsal Process

“Joe!” “Avis!” “Christopher!” “Paul!” “David!” “Phil!” “Cindy!” The cast stands in a circle on stage, balls flying through the air, quickly changing hands as names are called. This is how rehearsal begins, with a little warm up game. It helps loosen everyone up, both physically and vocally while also challenging everyone to remember each other’s … Continue reading

Q & A: Dallas Thomas

How did you first get involved in theatre? In high school, even thought I yearned to be on stage, I was too terrified to audition! I was on the stage crew for the all-school musical. One day before rehearsal, my friends and I were clowning around, acting out scenes from the show. The drama teacher … Continue reading

Tech: Part Four: Choreography

Tech: Choreography   McKerrow and Gardner demonstrate a move described as “looking through the bushes.” After giving the actors a final pointer, John Gardner moves across stage to get out of the way. But he doesn’t just walk; he leaps and twirls with the grace of a seasoned dancer. Gardner and his wife, Amanda McKerrow, … Continue reading

Q & A: Steve McKee and Dylan Page

How did you first get involved in theatre? Page: I have been interested in acting for most of my life, but I didn’t get serious about theater until my Junior year of high school.  I was in a production of Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean at Tucson High School and I fell in … Continue reading

Tech: Part Three: Puppets

Part Three: Puppets Matt Cotten, of Puppets Amongus, designed the giant bear puppet that will unfortunately bring about Antigonus’s end. The puppet is manned by four actors; Marissa Garcia, Dylan Page, Lee Rayment, and Christopher Johnson. Page and Garcia each handle a paw. Rayment is strapped into a structure that holds up the head while … Continue reading

Q & A: David Morden

How did you first get involved in theatre? My first introduction to theatre was doing church plays as a boy.  I took drama classes in junior high and and high school.  In college, I realized that I was spending all of my free time at the theatre department and decided to commit to acting as … Continue reading

Tech: Part Two: Music

Part Two: Music The Winter’s Tale is set in two different worlds. The Sicilian part of the play is courtly and structured. The Bohemian part is freeform, pastoral and pagan. To emphasize this difference, Meier split the musical direction in two. Dawn Sellers will design the Sicilian portion, using harpsichord. Paul Amiel will employ harps … Continue reading

Q & A: Matt Waley, Philip Bennet

How did you first get involved in theatre? Bennet: I have always wanted to be an actor.  At four years old I made a little puppet theatre and cut out photos from the newspaper to use as marionettes.  At six I had my first experience on the stage which was inspiring and transformative. Waley: I had just … Continue reading


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