[Exit, pursued by a bear.]

Theatre buffs and Shakespeare enthusiasts recognize [Exit, pursued by a bear.] as one of William Shakespeare’s most famous stage directions. What fewer people know, however, is which plays it’s from.

The Winter’s Tale, not nearly as well known as Romeo and Juliet or Julius Caesar, is still an intruiging tale told by one of the best storytellers of all time.

Storytelling has always been something I’ve been fascinated with. Whether in print, on screen or onstage, I love all the different ways stories can be brought to life.

This website is the story of The Rogue Theatre and their journey in bringing The Winter’s Tale to life.

There is much more to a production than simply memorizing lines and walking around on stage. There are more people to a show than the actors you see on stage. This project looks into what happens behind the scenes.

The First Year Project is an opportunity that first year honors college students at the University of Arizona have to dive into a research area of their choice through a project of their design. With the help of my faculty advisor Professor Nancy Sharkey, I developed a project that would try out my skills as a long-term coverage journalism but also bring me back to the theatre.

– Kayla Samoy

[All photos (headshots on the cast and crew page excluded) © Kayla Samoy 2012]