The Star Tribune’s 13 Seconds in August: covering a bridge’s collapse

This past week in Ethics class, one of the multimedia pieces we discussed stood out to me. The Star Tribune’s coverage of a bridge collapsing was evocative and impressive in it’s scope.

Check it out here: 13 seconds in August.

This piece goes way beyond other multimedia projects I’ve seen.

I loved the intro on the website. I thought the sequence of pictures and the natural sounds bites were very affective in capturing the audience’s attention.

I really liked the visual organization of each separate story; how they used an high angle shot of the collapsed bridge and matched the people up to their locations when the bridge collapsed.

There are clickable little buttons that display additional reporting, some done years after the bridge collapsed. Some buttons have simple little notes about who was there. Some have short written articles. Others have video interviews of the people who survived.

But what I think makes this piece even more unique is the “living document” aspect of it. It’s been over 5 years since the bridge collapsed but this project is still being updated with new interviews and facts. I think the journalistic dedication, organization, and foresight for this project is impressive.

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