Life with a prosthetic arm

Principles of Multimedia Blog Post 4

A Future Reset is a New York Times video about Cpl. Sebastian Gallegos who lost his arm while in Afghanistan.

I thought the opening segment of the video was great. It captured my attention immediately and made me want to watch the rest of the video to learn about Gallegos’s experience.

For me it also illustrated why my professor advises to begin up a video up an interview with b-roll. In this instance though the b-roll didn’t really match up with what was being said, it was dramatic and flowed well with the piece.

The one thing I didn’t like about this was the three or four still photographs that were inserted throughout the video. I felt like while they were very compositionally well put together, the pictures just seemed like too much of an abrupt break from the movement of the other video clips.

I also liked that Todd Heisler, the photographer and videographer ventured outside of Gallegos’s house and accompanied him as he went kayaking. I thought the added variety of the subject matter added more depth to the piece.

The accompanying article written by James Dao also has a beginning that I enjoyed, a dramatic opening describing how Gallegos realized he was missing an arm.

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