Paul Amiel ~ Musical Director

Paul Amiel, Musical Director

Paul is a multi-instrumentalist and ethnomusician focusing on Medieval, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, and ancient music, having studied abroad with master musicians. He founded and performs with the Summer Thunder Chinese Music Ensemble, the traditional Japanese music duo Muso, and various Turkish/ Middle Eastern/Mediterranean ensembles such as Seyyah and Zambuka. Paul has performed on harp, flute, saz, ney, dulcimer, and shakuhachi for groups such as Musica Sonora and the Arizona Early Music Society, as well as in many Rogue productions, including The DecameronThe TempestOur TownOthello, Immortal LongingsOrlandoEndymionThe Dead and on the recent Rogue Album CD. Paul was Music Director for this season’s As I Lay Dying at The Rogue.